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Park Green Media

One of our displays at The BBC Gardeners World Show

Park Green Media offer:-

1. A varied range of talks on Hostas and other gardening subjects.

2. Supply of copies of our book - 'Hostas - An Essential Guide'

3. A digital library of over 1000 images of Hosta plants and related subjects. In the future this will be expanded to include original 35mm colour slides, and will also be extended to include a range of garden pictures and plant varieties.

Park Green Nurseries closed at the end of September 2011. We regret that we can no longer supply Hostas by mail order or from the nursery.

Please contact us at:-

59 Wright Lane, Kesgrave, IPSWICH, Suffolk, IP5 2FA

Tel: 01473 635311
Mobile: 07909 531143
Email: richard@parkgreen.co.uk

Small Business of the Year Award 


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